My Affair With Juttis

Punjabi jutti also known as Mojaris and Khussa is a very famous type of handmade footwear in North India. One strange thing about these juttis is that they don’t have left or right pair, instead both the juttis are of same shape and once you start using them, they gradually takes the shape of left and right foot.

History of juttisPHOTO-2018-07-22-09-35-23

There are numerous varieties of regional juttis which are made and worn across India. They come with different names and shapes. A few of the more notable types of jutti include Salim Shahi these are a popular jutti style and are named after Prince Salim.

Nagra juttis are plain and light and most often come in black. Desi juttis are decorated with cotton embroidery and are mainly worn by zamindars (a landowner, especially one who leases his land to tenant farmers). There are also Dolkha juttis these juttis are heavy with a round or pointed toe and finally but not least of all Mojaris these generally refers to a man’s closed shoe similar to a jutti, but with a pronounced curled toe.

The characteristic of jutti is made of fine leather and have beautiful embroidery, in real gold and silver thread or beads. The embroidery is inspired by the Indian culture over 400 years ago, and impressive architecture and vibrant plants and wildlife. And now, as time goes by we can find the jutti with rubber sole, so we can be more comfortable.

My affair with juttis


Embroidered and digital printed juttis from Ludhiana.

So with all these different types of jutti made and worn through history the scope to update and become the new fashion essential in this century is not surprising.  I am  tired of the aches and pains of wearing stilettos and flats which are not very comfortable. Juttis were first introduced to me by my dad when i was little but i was never fond of them and always wanted to buy all sorts of heels and flats. But then two months back i visited amritsar and picked up 2 pairs of juttis because at first they looked very pretty to my eyes. Never thought of the comfort. To my surprise these were the most comfortable footwear i had ever worn. After realising how amazing juttis are i  picked up three more pairs. These flat soled ethnic beauties are versatile and can be paired not only with Indian outfits but also with your day to day casual outfits The modern-day jutti combines comfort and style and can be worn with anything from skirts, shorts and jeans and of course a sari. The colors, beads, embroidery, and threads give a plethora of color and outstanding delightful treats. The right pair can make your outfit look absolutely on point and with that would come endless comfort.

Where can you find juttis

Embroidered and beaded jutti from Amritsar

There are many online websites that sell beautiful juttis

  • Needledust   –  They have a very different and stylish collection that range fom bandihini juttis to embroidered to digital printed. This is my favourite website when it comes to juttis. They also include detailing like scallop edges and pompoms.
  • Jivaana – This website you can go to if you are a little tight on your budget as their juttis start at Rs.850.
  • Fizzy Goblet –  has very pretty collection of juttis and what i love most about this brand is that they have given a modern twist to their juttis by making them look like sneakers and i cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Few other websites are –

I got five of my juttis from Amritsar and Ludhiana because the variety and styles you get there are endless. And not to forget juttis bought from Punjab are not heavy on your pocket. The good quality juttis range from Rs.800 – Rs.1500.

Ways to maintain the jutti

Gota patti jutti from Fab India
  • A dirty jutti can also be folded with a muslin cloth, muslin is easy on the shoe as it lets the shoe breathe and also make it shine for a long time. When sun drying the shoe,  do not let it stay in direct sunlight for more than two hours.
  • Water is pure, so as you clean your shoe, it is good to avoid the soaps and other foreign substances.
  • When storing your jutti, make sure the place you keep it has a free flow of air because that leather needs to breathe. A jutti put in an enclosed place will encourage the growth of mildew.

So girls forget the painful stilettos and wear these traditional shoes, which are super chic and comfortable.

Tip – When going jutti shopping make sure you buy one simple pair of jutti in black, white tan or red so that you can wear it any outfit.

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  1. Parul says:

    Beautiful products and content is very easy to read and understandable. Jutti is very delicate and fashionable. Affordable cost.


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