The new night out essential and a must have in your wardrobe is “The Mesh Top”. From  celebrities like Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, many were spotted sporting this trend. You will be surprised to know that see-through/sheer/mesh fabrics were fashionable in Europe in the eighteenth century. This trend has been in and out of vogue for last 200 years.  See-through, sheer and mesh fabrics have been featured heavily on high fashion runways since 2006. Mesh especially had its origins in sportswear and performance wear but it now being used more and more in street fashion.

Mesh tops if not chosen carefully and carried well can turn out to be risqué. I was looking to buy an elegant mesh top for over a year now and finally found the perfect piece. Mesh has a very 90s vibe to it and can make you look very glam and feminine if paired in a right way.




I wore my favorite bralette underneath the mesh top. You can also pair it with a tube top, spaghetti top or a halterneck top. As winter is at its peak you can layer this outfit with a denim or biker jacket.

Style Tip – Wear a mesh top  under a pair of short overalls for a serious ’90s vibe or dress it up with a colorful skirt.


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