Fashionably Cozy But Comfortably Chic

With winter comes steamy mugs of hot chocolate, cherry red decorations and the feeling of snuggling up in bed and never leave!

Living in India winters are not too severe in most parts of country. Indian winter wear can be an intelligent combination of layers that makes you look like a million dollar. Once you get the hang of styling winter clothing, you will love the season for all the chances it offers to cozy up in Indian winter clothes. All one needs to do is to pick clothes that will curb the nip in the air or add elements to your existing wardrobe that will help you keep warm. So here are six comfy, cozy and super chic winter outfit inspirations.

L1-6The simplest way to smarten up any outfit is to throw a jacket over it. We Indians have taken cues from global fashion and now jackets have become a staple in Indian winter wear. The reason we love jackets is that it can be paired with any outfit. A basic black or red leather jacket is a good option if you are looking for Indian winter clothes that can be worn for a large part of the year. Wear them with a t-shirt or a blouse and team them with denims or leggings or even a skirt!


Feel cozy and look trendy at work or college by pairing your favorite dress with a long shrug. Finish this look with a belt and a pair of beige pumps. You can also pair this look with flats or gladiator sandals. Change this outfit to a day to night look by just removing the shrug and pairing it up with a beautiful pair of earrings.


Want to look classy and chic? Blazer is what you need. It’s an evergreen combination that’s incredibly versatile.  They can be a part of day time to evening ensemble and can spice up any look.


Cardigan is a closet essential for me, and during this time of the year I find myself constantly wearing it. It’s an easy piece to throw on over a t-shirt and jeans for added warmth.


Tight turtleneck is my absolute favorite as it can make you look sexy, retro and glamorous. It keeps you warm, it covers you entirely, and it used to be a massive hit back in the day. All the 90s supermodels wore it. Besides, 70s and 90s are still on our inspiration list. Tight turtlenecks look fantastic with high waited bottoms be it skirts or pants.

DSC_0151 (2)DSC_0158Beanies are the reason I love winters. A  style of wearing a beanie that I prefer, is slightly over my forehead on a downward angle towards the back of my head. If you want a more relaxed look – pull the beanie until it passes your hairline and use your hair to frame your face. There are multiple ways you can wear a beanie with various hairstyles. You can try a slouchy beanie with a side braid or with a low ponytail. You just need to find a style that best frames your face and the best for your hair type.

The last must have for this winter is  a pair of boots that will instantly glam up all your outfits. Wear it with a dress, leather pants, denim and skirt and you will stand out in the crowd.

So I hope this post will help you dress fashionably this winter. Make the chilly winters fashionable and look fabulous in every winter attire.

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